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November News
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Something Old, Something New, We've Added This Just For You

Fullnet recently installed a new integrated billing and administrative system. This system gives us the ability to serve you, our customer, better and more efficiently. It allows us to integrate the billing, email account setup and dialup account setup information in one system, so your customer information only has to be input once. It gives us more flexibility to offer you different types of services. As with any conversion to a new system, we have had some bumps along the road. This has caused some incorrect bills or account charges to occur. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you, and are working diligently to correct these issues.

Wallace Walcher
Chief Operating Officer

An Operations Center Worth Telling About

For the past year FullNet Communications has been working on developing a state of the art operations center. We're very excited about FullNet's new facility and new office space. The question you may be asking, "How will this affect me and my Internet service?" Over the past year we have been planning and discussing how we will make the transition without interruption of service.

This type of move will require cooperation from several telephone and Internet backbone providers, along with numerous vendors. Our hope is that the move will come and go and the transition will be smooth and almost transparent to you the customer. We will keep you updated about information concerning the move in the near future. We are also developing a website where you will be able to obtain detailed and timely information pertaining to our move.

Jon Jones
Operations Manager

Our Success Should Not Depend On The Failures Of Others

I was watching the Olympic gymnastics competition when I overheard someone say something to this effect: "Maybe the Russians will fall off the balance beam or miss the pommel horse and the Americans will have a chance to win."

My immediate reaction was "Well, I hope that all the other countries do great and the Americans do even better". I had just read a recent article in Parade Magazine about the life and times of Ben Affleck, which was titled "Our Success Has Nothing To Do With The Failure Of Others".

Although the article has only one reference to this philosophy, Ben's comment started me thinking about the many comments I had heard, and frequently thought or made myself, with regard to having some sort of success at the expense of others' failures. At first I tried to rationalize that this was only human. There's is no doubt in my way of thinking that a major part of our competitive nature is to wish for certain advantages which may have nothing to do with our ability to win through superior performance.

It seems quite natural to hope and cheer for the opposing team to fumble, or for our team to intercept a pass. But is athletic competition different than competitive environments often experienced in the workplace, family life or with friends? It seems to me that the major difference lies in how we approach what we do, the way we conduct ourselves when others falter, and the mental and professional attitude in which we approach this subject.

In the workplace, "job promotion cannibalism" is most common. I can't count the times that a previous supervisor has plied me with the opportunity to replace someone else in the company if they "failed" to meet their goals or were unable to play the politics required to keep their job. In some rare instances, the supervisor would include the afterthought that it was important, of course, that I was doing my job at an acceptable level in order to replace this person whom had "failed". I freely admit that in my youth I actually had carnal thoughts hoping that individuals would fail so that I could advance.

I started my professional career in 1961, and until 1972 received very little training or exposure to personal and professional growth teaching. In 1972, I attended a seminar on "building for success". I heard two things that day that I had not remembered hearing before. The first was that "success is a journey, not a destination" and the second was "the best way to get what you want is to help someone else get what they want". The "success" concept I bought into immediately but I put the other comment in my "future philosophy" folder. I didn't reopen that folder until 1979.

It was at this point in my life that I made some major decisions to redirect my personal and professional attitude and conduct. I was fortunate enough to hear this same speaker only two years later. Again he spoke the words "the best way to get what you want is to help someone else get what they want" and then he added something: "… even if that someone has the job you would like to have or have been promised." It was at this point that I began to have a revelation that I would much rather be promoted or be recognized on my own merits than be singled out because someone else was failing.

Which sounds better to you: "You're a worm, and that makes me better than you." or "You're really great at whatever you do, and I'm right behind you."? A great supervisor (Boss) once said to me, "I'm never going to promote you or give you a raise because you deserve it, but I will do both when you have earned it." I worked very hard to gain the respect and professional admiration of this man and he never failed to reward my efforts based on what I had earned.

In football, the tackler who has been trained to rip the ball from the ball carrier while making the tackle often causes a fumble. This is not a failure on the part of the ball carrier, but great execution by the tackler. The same goes with interceptions, and if time and print space would permit I could give many other examples. The real question is, "What would happen if everyone would adopt the philosophy of always focusing on helping others have the success they desire while being satisfied with the residual benefits"?

I rarely ask someone to read a book I haven't read, listen to a tape I haven't heard or consider a major change of personal and professional philosophy that I have not experienced for myself. If you're not having the success you want, then this could very well be the opportunity you need to greatly enhance your life skills.

This philosophy, coupled with last month's FullNews article on taking control of your life, are two of the most important daily applications I emphasize in both my professional and personal life. A great and very successful man once said, "I believe that persistent effort, supported by a character-based foundation, will enable us to get more of the things money will buy and all of the things money won't buy."

It all comes down to the three R's:

  • Respect for ourselves
  • Respect for others and
  • Responsibility for all our actions.

Don Turner
Chief Marketing Officer

Helpful Hints For Staying On Line

What's causing the disconnects?
If you have been having trouble lately with "getting bumped off line" you may be experiencing the effects of Mother Nature. With all of the rain that we have been having in the past few weeks there have been several instances of what we call "noise" in the phone lines. This noise, also referred to as "static", may not be evident while talking on the phone, but may be loud enough to disrupt the transfer of data to and from your computer. The good news is your local phone company will run a free check on your line to determine whether or not noise is present. They will also take the necessary steps to correct the problem for you.

If all else fails, reboot!
Computers are like people; sometimes they just need a fresh start. Next time you have trouble connecting to the FullNet, try restarting your computer. Yes it sounds simple enough, but it can make a world of difference. Restarting your computer resets all of your computer's original settings. This also works on a number of other errors. So next time you have trouble with your computer, restart, it may save you a little bit of time and frustration!

I get by with a little help from my friends…
Solutions to some of our most frequently asked questions can be found at http://tech.fullnet.net. This page contains answers to questions about email settings, ftp settings, along with links to other helpful resources. If you don't find the answer to your question here, just let us know and we will add it to our page.

Of course you can always contact our Customer Support Staff at support@fullnet.net or at any of the phone numbers listed below.

  • 1-877-385-5832 Bartlesville
  • 580-242-4676 Enid
  • 405-235-5688 Oklahoma City
  • 1-877-385-5832 Nowata
  • 580-765-1418 Ponca City
  • 405-372-0069 Stillwater
  • 1-877-385-5832 Tahlequah
  • 1-877-385-5832 Tulsa

Rebekah Fogle
Customer Service Representative

Looking For Maps In All The Right Places

"Where am I, and more important, how do I get from where I am to where I want to be?"

In my continuing series about what you can find on the Internet, I thought I'd talk about maps this month. And no, I'm not going to talk about MAPS (those in OKC would understand), but maps... those invaluable devices they sell at gas stations that you never seem to have around when you need.

Of course the whole point of my column is to show that you don't need to purchase those maps anymore, so long as you don't mind spending a couple of minutes online and possibly printing out a few web pages. "How?" you ask... I'll show you...

We'll start with the obvious: http://maps.yahoo.com. This site is my favorite by far. Not only can you generate some pretty good maps of any address in the US, but they will also give you driving directions from one place to another. A little experimenting and I think you'll find their interface easy to use and rather helpful. (A cool feature of this site is locating nearby gas stations, restaurants, and motels after you have a mapped a location.)

But the navigational insight doesn't stop there. Next, check out http://www.mapquest.com This site is actually the back-end to yahoo's maps. But by going there directly, you have the ability to check out their other features as well, including a world atlas and even a topographic map.

One more fun site I just have to mention before I close:

http://terraserver.microsoft.com Through their incredibly huge database of satellite images, you can probably pull up an aerial picture of your house. (Don't get too excited. The pictures are pretty old depending on the area.) It will probably take you a while, because the site can be confusing. For an example of what you can see, here is an aerial shot of my alma mater, Southern Nazarene University, from Nov. 15, 1994: Southern Nazarene University

As always, enjoy your surfing and remember FullWeb when you're ready to put up your own site :)

Jason Ayers
President of FullWeb

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