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January News
Today is:

Christmas Shopping on the Internet - Part #2

(See last monthís newsletter for Part1)

After winning the auction on E-bay the question was how I was going to pay for the tickets.  I thought no problem I have a credit card.  But, wait a minute.  The seller of the tickets wanted me to use something called PayPal or BillPoint.

PayPal ( http://www.paypal.com/ )and BillPoint ( http://www.billpoint.com/ ) allow you to pay for items over the Internet with a credit card or just a checking account.   All the receiver and sender need is an email address. You can use either service to:

  • Pay for an auction item
  • Split a restaurant bill or rent
  • Pay for an online purchase (or send money to your family or friends)
  • Pay bills online

PayPal & BillPoint simplify and facilitate person-to-person and person-to-small business payments over the Internet. Their mission is to expand payment choices for buyers while reducing payment-processing costs for sellers. Their systems are ideally suited for individual sellers and small businesses.

I was a little frustrated at first; after all I didn't particularly want to give my financial information to anyone on the Internet.  But with the help of Michael Tomas our Network Administrator I enrolled in both. 

WARNING NOTE!  When you first enroll in either of these programs it takes a little time for them to verify your credit worthiness and I had to pay for the tickets I purchased within 5 days.  After a couple of days of messing around with minimum spending limits imposed on new accounts Michael was kind enough to use his account to buy the tickets and I just paid him in cash. 

Lesson Learned:  If you are planning on buying things from E-Bay or using PayPal or BillPoint, enroll now and become a verified member so you don't have to mess with all the limits and setup delays when you are ready to purchase something.

A verified member is one who has shared enough information including his bank account number so that two very small deposits can be made to the checking account and you verify the amounts to thereby assure PayPal or BillPoint you are the indeed the owner of the account. 

It is a little intimidating and frustrating at first but now that I am enrolled and verified it seems like a safe convenient way to do business on the Internet!

Next month we will talk about trip planning and purchasing hotel rooms on the Internet.

Timothy J. Kilkenny
Founder & CEO

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To get signed up instantly, all your referrals have to do is call FullNet on our toll free number at 1-877-FullTec (1-877-385-5832).  Our friendly customer service representatives are standing by to help get them started and answer any questions 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!  To insure that you receive credit for referring a new customer to us, they must mention your name when they sign-up.  Help your friends by letting them know that there is a dependable Oklahoma local Internet access provider with a remarkable premier dial-up Internet access service for only $19.95 per month!

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Wayne D. Gray
VP of Sales
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