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Google it!

When I bought my current house that sits on the river with 5 acres I learned late in the deal how the river crossed the property. I thought the river was the northern border but in fact it is the northeastern boundary of the property.

Since then I learned something interesting about Google Maps. You get a map option or a satellite option when you type in your address at Google.

Step 1 Go to Google Maps http://maps.google.com
Step 2 Type in the address you wish to find.
Step 3 When the map comes up click on the satellite feature
Step 4 You can Zoom in and out using the + and - symbols on the left.
Step 5 You can move the map in any direction by holding down the left mouse bottom              and moving it right,left, up or down.

Before you buy that property Google it and see a satellite view

Happy Surfing!

Timothy J. Kilkenny
Founder & CEO

Keep It To Yourself

Superheroes may not exist in real life, but the Electronic Privacy Information Center does its part to fight for truth, justice, and your right to privacy. Their website at http://www.epic.org compiles news about recent privacy-related court cases and offers a Bill-Track feature that keeps you in the loop about legislation wending its way through Congress that could affect your privacy.

Links on the site give you access to downloads of popular privacy and security tools, such as cookie eliminators, snoop-proof e-mail, HTML filters, encryption programs, and firewalls. You can also view a database of once-secret documents released under the Freedom of Information Act. Included are some recently released FBI files on the bureau's Carnivore initiative.

Donít miss http://www.epic.org/privacy/telemarketing/preemptiveattack.html where they detail the assault on the national telemarketing Do-Not-Call Registry and what you can do to help defend it. Eighty million Americans have joined the national telemarketing Do-Not-Call Registry. As a result, for the past two years, Americans have been able to enjoy the dinner hour in peace. But your privacy is under siege by big banks and retailers who are seeking to exploit a loophole in the Registry. If you don't act now, the quiet dinner hour will again be a thing of the past.

Happy (And Safe) Surfing from Your Friends at FullNet!

Roger Baresel
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