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June News
Today is:

FullSpeed Ahead!

You probably already know about FullSpeed, our web accelerator that makes surfing the net over phone lines 2 to 5 times faster than normal dial up alone. If you don.t, you are missing a wonderful enhancement we offer freely to our members. You really need to go to www.fullnet.net , click on the far right tab labeled FullZone and click on FullSpeed. From there click Download Now! And it will be installed in minutes.

As helpful as it may have already been, we do not rest and are always looking for ways to better serve your needs. So, after much research and testing we are pressing onward to the next generation of web acceleration and bringing it to you now. Best of all, the enhancements and improvements are still the same price ...its free!

If you already have FullSpeed installed you will be able to click the 'update' button from the 'settings' tab. What can you expect? The new and improved FullSpeed will work seamlessly with different web browsers like Internet Explorer, FireFox and Netscape. You will notice faster e-mail downloads and ftp access, enhanced Macromedia Flash compression, and overall performance improvements.

But the really exciting addition is NOW!Imaging:

More than double the speed of any other accelerator AND the ultimate in image quality!

NOW!Imaging enhances your browsing experience, enabling you to view higher resolution images and increasingly image-rich pages faster. Fully usable Web pages appear almost immediately, while the images on the page quickly and progressively reach optimal quality as users view the page.

In short, web pages are viewable and usable almost instantaneously. High quality images are loaded progressively as you view the web page. You will notice pictures improving in quality as a light progress bar shows the level of improvement in the graphics as the images become more clear and crisp.

Now you don't have to make the trade-off between image quality and speed - FullSpeed delivers web pages that are usable right away, while maintaining quality images! You experience the fastest web acceleration and higher image quality, resulting in the most satisfying online experience for dial up connections!

How Does It Work?

Current browsers deliver web pages, which increasingly contain more graphics, one image at a time. This can result in a frustrating internet experience, especially over dial up connections, as it takes a long time for the user to see the complete page in a usable form. Other web accelerators have attempted to address this problem by optimizing the amount of image data using data compression. While this compression results in faster delivery of images, the images are still rendered just one at a time, creating exasperating waits for usable pages. More importantly, the compression used by web accelerators results in a significant sacrifice in image quality, and can require the user to manually adjust image quality settings.

By moving FullSpeed ahead we have taken care of this for you! FullSpeed will now deliver the entire page to you as quickly as possible and then come in behind the scenes to improve the quality if the images without you having to make adjustments. You are able to enjoy the web page while the work and any needed adjustments are being taken care of automatically. And you can even monitor the development by the faint progress bar in case you think your eyes are playing tricks on you as the image improves. In conclusion, we now offer you a way not to have to wait for images on a page one at a time, but rather deliver it all at once (so to speak). You can literally enjoy all the imagery now (NOW!Imaging) and a much faster surfing experience than ever before.

Happy surfing ... and forget the old speed limits!

John A. Secondi
FullNet Customer Service Manager

Will you someday pay per minute to use the Internet? (Part #2)

The Information Super Highway for some and a gravel road for others! Was I overreacting in my April article when I talked about two different Internets emerging from the proposed regulations by the phone and cable companies? I think not. Below is a letter from the CEO of EBAY and a call to action.

Net Neutrality and the eBay Community: A Call to Action

Dear Member:

As you know, I almost never reach out to you personally with a request to get involved in a debate in the U.S. Congress. However, today I feel I must.

Right now, the telephone and cable companies in control of Internet access are trying to use their enormous political muscle to dramatically change the Internet. It might be hard to believe, but lawmakers in Washington are seriously debating whether consumers should be free to use the Internet as they want in the future.

The phone and cable companies now control more than 95% of all Internet access. These large corporations are spending millions of dollars to promote legislation that would divide the Internet into a two-tiered system.

The top tier would be a "Pay-to-Play" high-speed toll-road restricted to only the largest companies that can afford to pay high fees for preferential access to the Net.

The bottom tier -- the slow lane -- would be what is left for everyone else. If the fast lane is the information "super-highway," the slow lane will operate more like a dirt road.

Today's Internet is an incredible open marketplace for goods, services, information and ideas. We can't give that up. A two lane system will restrict innovation because start-ups and small companies -- the companies that can't afford the high fees -- will be unable to succeed, and we'll lose out on the jobs, creativity and inspiration that come with them.

The power belongs with Internet users, not the big phone and cable companies. Let's use that power to send as many messages as possible to our elected officials in Washington. Please join me by clicking here right now to send a message to your representatives in Congress before it is too late. You can make the difference.

Thank you for reading this note. I hope you'll make your voice heard today.

Meg Whitman
President and CEO
eBay Inc.

P.S. If you have any questions about this issue, please contact us at government_relations@ebay.com.

If you don't have an Ebay account you can go to: http://action.freepress.net/campaign/savethenet and sign a petition there.

I will keep you posted as things develop.

Timothy J. Kilkenny
Founder & CEO

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