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August News
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Real Parental Control

Have you ever wondered what your child is doing on the Internet while you were at work? Have you wanted to know for sure the places on the Internet they visit? Does it bother you that strangers can come and talk to your child about virtually any subject with your permission through Instant Messaging? How would you like your child's most recent Internet activities e-mailed to you while you were at work?

Introducing a whole new way of monitoring your children and keeping them safe. There are a new generation of tools available to parents and they offer a serious amount of Parental Control.

1.Content Control - Flexible "Internet Filtering" allows you to select the types of website that are appropriate.

2.Program Control - Control Instant Messengers, P2P File Sharing, and other harmful programs.

3.Time Control - Control the amount of time spent online, and the times when the internet is available.

4.Usage Logging - Create and review logs of websites visited, programs used on the Internet, and Instant Messaging Chats.

5.Usage Alerts - Be notified instantly via email, text message, or phone call when inappropriate websites are visited.

Here are two of the providers I am aware of for personal use.

www.eblaster.com & www.safeeyes.com

For Enterprise level controls see www.imeinstein.com

There isn't any excuse to not know what your children or employees are doing on the Internet. Help hold them accountable to your values by monitoring everything they do. Oh, sure they will protest at first but in the end they will know you love them enough to protect them.


Timothy J. Kilkenny,
Founder & CEO

Technorati. Who's saying what. Right now.

This site has been at the center of the blog hype for the last year or so and for good reason. It's like Google for blogs. Technorati at www.technorati.com lets you instantly find out what people are blogging about on any topic - from the Harriet Miers Supreme Court nomination to the latest happenings in sports and entertainment. Perhaps more important, you can find out what they are saying in real time within minutes of the information being posted.

There are about 75,000 new blogs a day. Bloggers update their weblogs regularly; there are about 1.2 million posts daily, or about 50,000 blog updates an hour. Technorati allows easy access to all of this information faster than any other service available today. As of July 2006, Technorati indexes over 50 million weblogs. The site won the SXSW 2006 awards for Best Technical Achievement and also Best of Show. It has also been nominated for a 2006 Webby award for Best Practices.

The power of weblogs is that they allow millions of people to easily publish their ideas, and millions more to comment on them. Blogs are a fluid, dynamic medium, more akin to a 'conversation' than to a library - which is how the Web has often been described in the past. With an increasing number of people reading, writing, and commenting on blogs, the way we use the Web is shifting in a fundamental way. Instead of being passive consumers of information, more and more Internet users are becoming active participants. This is why the blogging phenomenon and other forms of unfettered expression on the Web is often called the rise of the participant economy.

Increasingly, Technorati tracks other forms of citizen media, including video blogs (vlogs), podcasts, and amateur movies and videos - all in real time. All this activity is monitored and indexed within minutes of posting. Technorati provides a live view of the global conversation of the web, helping you to tune into what's interesting, topical, entertaining, and just plain fun - as it's happening.

Happy (And Safe) Surfing From Your Friends at FullNet!

Roger Baresel

Help Me Help You!

Over the past almost dozen years FullNet has grown and expanded in many ways, always striving for excellence in service. Much of that effort has been behind the scenes and beyond your individual consideration. Technology used has been updated, even before the need arose; facilities improved; the latest equipment installed; and countless technical issues met that an individual may never see. Now it is time to involve you as well.

This month we continue to expand and improve by welcoming another group of customers to the FullNet family. Intercorp members join us from the Enid area and as with previous additions there is a consorted effort to ensure that the transition is smooth and that the individual person has to change little or nothing as improvements continue.

All of this preparation and continuing effort lends itself to reflecting upon the most important part of everything... you. All of the technological jargon and matters aside... it is all for you, the customer. And the part you can have a direct .say-so. in is how we bring things to you. The customer service you receive is 24 hours a day - 7 days a week.

In the customer service department we just wanted to take this opportunity to touch base with you to ensure you are receiving the excellence in member care that we strive to provide for each individual in the FullNet family.

It is our personal commitment to you and to FullNet Communications that you are not just satisfied with our product and services, but that you are impressed with them and willing to recommend FullNet to others. In doing so we are genuinely interested in your input. After all, we work for you. You're the boss, tell us what you want.

We already provide friendly support for almost anything that involves your on-line experience. In all that we do the customer service representatives are dedicated to providing the highest quality support while maintaining a personable and professional experience. To do this we need to know what you think we should do for you.

If you could please take just a few moments to send us your thoughts and suggestions we can serve your needs better. A quick note to customerservice@fullnet.net to give us your ideas on where we should go would be greatly appreciated. Tell us where we are doing good or bad. What do you think needs change or where are you already impressed?

This is not requested lightly. We know you are busy, but your requests and opinions drive us. That's right... we are asking you for guidance. To quote a line in a popular movie .Help us help you!.

Customer Support

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