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The latest science news, research tidbits and science discussion

The flow of information across the Internet on any subject is enormous. In the field of science it is overwhelming. You want to know a few facts but in order to get them you have to sort through 1,000s of headlines across the Internet. It can be compared to a person trying to get a drink from a fire hose. Oh, sure you get a mouth full of water but you end up soaking wet.

Enter the website Science Agogo www.scienceagogo.com. Here you can see the headlines in science and decide what interests you without having to review 1000s of URLs to read only a few.

For example there has been a break through in cancer research. Scientists have actually discovered a compound that causes cancer cells to commit suicide.


There you have it; a quick easy to understand article on the latest in cancer research. If you need information on a topic in science try searching here first before trying to drink from the fire hose called the Internet.


Timothy J. Kilkenny,
Founder & CEO

SideStep - The Traveler's Search Engine

Travelers in the know count on SideStep at www.SideStep.com to help them uncover outstanding travel values. The SideStep Web site, toolbar and Weekly Travel Deals and Travel Spotlight email newsletters bring together notable bargains from across the Web.

SideStep is a search engine - not an online travel agency. With SideStep.com, you get the best bargains from online agencies like Orbitz, consolidators like Hotels.com as well as directly from the airlines, hotels and rental car companies. Why hop from site to site hunting for bargains? With a single search on SideStep.com, you'll find great deals from more than 100 leading travel sites - all in one place.

SideStep also has an easy downloadable toolbar that allows you to automatically compare prices side-by-side with sites like Expedia and Travelocity. With the SideStep toolbar, you can easily comparison shop vs. other popular online travel sites. You'll see SideStep's choices right alongside those from the Expedia, Travelocity and other major sites.

SideStep also features bargains from travel providers you won.t find on sites like Expedia and Travelocity, brands like JetBlue Airways and Holiday Inn. With SideStep, you won.t miss a thing. SideStep takes you straight to the site from which it found a specific deal to buy, so you pay no added service fees.

SideStep delivers the most comprehensive selection of travel choices at the best prices to more than 4.7 million consumers each month. SideStep has been named one of TIME Magazine's "50 Coolest Web Sites" and declared "Best of the Web" by Forbes, Time and Business Week as well as Travel & Leisure. It has also been recognized by PC World and PC Magazine for its ease of use and tremendous consumer benefits.

Happy (And Safe) Surfing From Your Friends at FullNet!

Roger Baresel

Internet Crime Secrets ...

I'll admit ... now it's personal! As our reliance on personal computers has increased, the focus on internet crime has become one of the most popular topics on the net. By now even the most casual user is aware of a myriad of dangers and pitfalls to be cautious of ... but where do you go for help?

We've tried to do our part to inform you of internet security issues, dangers of phishing, spam and virus laden e-mails ... even covered consumer alert issues. But until you become a victim (yes, even after being armed with all that knowledge) it never occurs to you to ask "Where do I go for help?"

Aside from identity theft and bogus offers which steal your credit card information there is a new bread of deceit sweeping the net which can fool the most seasoned surfer. And there appears to be no help.

Without going into great detail, there are a few new creative ways to pass fraudulent money orders and cashier's checks to unsuspecting victims. For example: You are selling an item over the Internet - it could be a used car or motorcycle, jewelry or antique swords. You receive an email offer to purchase your item and the buyer says he'll send a cashier's check. The buyer is from the United States and asks you to please deposit the check, wait for it to clear, and then send the item - "but only after the cashier's check clears, of course."

You are skeptical - but, sure enough, the bank cashier's check arrives by Fed Ex, it looks real, your bank accepts the check, and the bank assures you the funds are in fact available. So you wait the time the bank recommends to verify that the check is clear and then you proceed feeling quite safe.

A week later your bank calls: "We're very sorry, but the cashier's check was counterfeit" -- a superb copy, but worthless. Your account is frozen. You must pay the bank back the entire amount of the cashier's check. You may even be considered a fraud suspect yourself! It happens!

At any rate, I have discovered that once you have a money order or cashier's check in your hands that you are suspicious of - no one wants to help verify it. The banks will deposit the check for you and release the funds ... but will not take the time to call the issuing bank. Well, check out www.bankersonline.com/security/aandc.html Bankers on line - for a lot of useful tips.

As for money orders - the post office employees will look at the item and inform you "It looks real enough" ... if it is a clever counterfeit they offer no help. Well here's a number that even the banks and post office would not give me: 1-866-459-7822. This allows you to key in the serial number and amount of a US Postal money order and verifies its authenticity 7 days after issuance. I hope it helps someone.

Once you discover you are a victim of crime, law enforcement will offer little help. I was actually told "You can file a report if you like, but..." The banks even told me that they do not actively pursue such matters for the same reason law enforcement is less than zealous - there are just so many reports it seems pointless.

Well don't accept that answer either! Skip the local offices and go to www.ic3.gov/complaint/ from the F.B.I.'s web site and file an on line report. They will forward the details to the Oklahoma Attorney General's office who will in turn send you forms to fill out even though they were unwilling if you went there first.

After that I would encourage you to go to the Oklahoma Legislature page and click www.okhouse.gov/members and www.oksenate.gov/senators to contact state legislation and ask why no one pursues such matters. I have the returned fraudulent documents, the overnight envelopes, the e-mails and more yet NONE of the news channels would talk to me, law enforcement would not assist and my own bank threatened to close my account if this ever happens again.

It is my sincere hope that I can help others avoid such a frustrating experience and plan to continue this crusade and keep you informed. It is my sincere belief that the internet is still a safe place to conduct business and most experiences are pleasant and above board. But the one time you need help and can't find it leads me to also believe this is a topic in need of follow up ... not just discussion.

John A. Secondi

Customer Service Manager
FullNet Communications, Inc.

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