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It's summer time. We are in the hazy, hot and humid days of mid summer and our children are home from school on vacation. During the day when it is too hot to do much outside many of our children will be playing games on the Internet. With the 1,000's of choices out there how is a parent supposed to know what games the kids will like and play and which ones won't hold their attention?

Believe it or not there are Websites out there that allow you to download a free trial game and play it for a specific amount of time before having to purchase it. Think about it, your child has tried the game and likes it and now you know for sure if you spend the money they will play it. Here are few sites to help you get started.

http://www.trygames.com/ or
http://www.fileplanet.com or

Happy Gaming!

Timothy J. Kilkenny
Founder & CEO


If you love software treasure-hunting, CNET's download central at http://www.download.com is the site for you! This massive and well-rounded collection of shareware (try-before-you-buy) and freeware (totally free software) is fully searchable and sortable. And there's no wait for a package in the mail: download it NOW, install it, and take it for a test drive!

And don't miss checking out the rest of the neat information from CNET at http://www.cnet.com where people go to discover the latest in tech and consumer electronics. Driven by a trusted voice and a passionate community, CNET creates an open environment for people to find and use the best products to fit their lifestyle. The powerful combination of CNET's award-winning news, lab-tested product reviews, safe and spyware-free downloads, and user-generated content give people information and inspiration to live and thrive in today's digital world.

Happy Surfing From Your Friends at FullNet!

Roger Baresel


At one time no one knew much about this "eBay thing" - in 1995 it began as some insane idea about auctions on line. A few years later it was still relatively unknown but word spread and now there are dozens trying to copy the success!

Before 1998 Google sounded like something a baby did. Now it has become part of our vocabulary (literally - if you're looking for something just "google it") and the stock is like gold!

Before a merger in 2000 no one had heard of Pay Pal. And once they began there were concerns about this new idea of moving money around on the internet. Now you can hardly go anywhere with out seeing the PayPal logo. It is THE place to securely use money on line and off - they even have debit cards that can be used at ATMs and virtual credit cards on line!

Well, don't look now but another rising star is sweeping the net and history! If you want to buy, sell, trade or give away anything go to http://www.craigslist. This is an awesome resource that you can't afford not to know about!

Craig's List was started in 1995 in California and incorporated in 1999. It is now quickly becoming the on line place to be with over 5 billion page views and 15 million users each month! They average 12 million new classified ads and over 750,000 new job listings each month.

Craig's list is like the ultimate community paper. It has classified ads, personals, discussion forums and so much more. The best thing is that it is free and it is instant! You can post an ad to sell your aunt Pearl's Edsel and start getting e-mails and calls in 10 minutes. This is one that would take quite a bit of explaining to cover - so go there now and see for yourself.

Once you get to the page you don't have to muddle through the millions of postings - you can specify a city or area that you want to focus on. To the left of the page is a listing of states. Click on Oklahoma and then get a list of areas like Lawton, Oklahoma City, Stillwater, Tulsa ... even Ft. Smith AR.

Each item listed has an anonymous e-mail system that protects the individual's identity or you can choose to include your contact information. The choices are yours and virtually endless.

By the way - if you are wondering how that compares with other English-language sites - craig's list is now #7 trailing only yahoo, aol, microsoft, google, ebay, and news corp. Catch the wave and go to craig's list!

Happy Surfing and shopping!

John A. Secondi
FullNet Customer Service Manager

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