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August News
Today is:

What time is it anyway?

When you get up in the morning the alarm clock says one thing the bathroom clock another, the kitchen clock another and your watch yet another.


When you are called to a meeting at the office your watch says one thing, the display on your office phone or cell phone another and your computer yet another.

How do you decide which is correct? Take a look at these websites.

The official government clock http://www.time.gov/timezone.cgi?Eastern/d/-5/java/ or
The world Atomic clock http://www.worldtimeserver.com/atomic-clock/ or
For a more informational clock http://www.poodwaddle.com/worldclock.swf/

By the way the correct answer to both of the questions posed at the beginning of the article is sync up with the boss's clock it will keep you out of trouble.


Timothy J. Kilkenny
Founder & CEO

New Free Classified Site From Ebay


The special sauce that eBay hopes to bring to this venture, is a sense of community that may be lacking in other local classifieds sites. They rolled out their free classifieds services, Kijiji.com, in the US on June 29, 2007.

jiji (Swahili for village) is a centralized network of online urban communities for posting local classified advertisements. It is a subsidiary of eBay and was launched in Germany in March 2005. Additional Kijiji countries are France, Italy, Canada, China, India, Taiwan and Japan.

Why bother with classifieds when eBay already has a global site for trading stuff? Because classifieds work better for services, such as finding housing and jobs, and exchange of large items like furniture that aren't shipped easily. Ebay is planning to build each city's site by word-of-mouth, so they'll take awhile to build momentum. Even eBay wasn't built in a day.

Happy Surfing From Your Friends at FullNet!

Roger Baresel

A "Must Click" List of Internet Sites

We often try to share sites that we feel are useful and give some practicality to the net for surfers that may get overwhelmed at choices. With an estimated 29 billion web pages scattered across some 40 million domains it may seem impossible to distinguish fact from fiction . good from bad. Through our news letters we have begun creating a "Must Click" list for internet sites.

The internet and computers in general have become an integral part of our daily lives; they've also become the primary means by which misinformation is now spread (often unintentionally).

The next time you get an e-mail that is passed along with some story about viruses or even events in far away places you should be able to tell if it is legitimate. How can you do that alone? Easy ... go to http://www.snopes.com/

This wonderful site began to cover urban legends but now has category links divided into many topics from autos to toxins (by the way ... microwaving food in plastic containers does NOT release poisons).

Snopes definitely goes in the top 50 list of "Must Click" sites on the net. It offers the invaluable ability to screen fact from fiction. FYI ... one of my favorite e-mails "The House That Golf Built" which shows the lavish home of Tiger Woods ... it wasn.t his home.

Happy, safe and informed Surfing!

John A. Secondi
FullNet Customer Service Manager

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