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December News
Today is:


Many of us have heard of http://www.youtube.com did you know that amongst all the junk there are messages for the Christian Faith. Turn your sound up and click on this:


Godtube is Christianity's answer to youtube. Godtube has video sharing like youtube, a social network like myspace and it also offers webcasting.

This 3 year old reciting the 23rd psalm is one of the most popular videos on the site.


Do you like the Mac vs. PC commercials? Here is a parody of the religious vs. the Christian.


How about a strong message on keeping marriages together?


Blessed Surfing and by the way Merry Christmas!

Timothy J. Kilkenny
Founder & CEO

See How Your Little Indulgences Add Up!

The coffee on the morning commute, or the noon time hot dog don't seem like big deals, but they become financial and health burdens over time, adding thousands of calories into the diet while subtracting hundreds or thousands of dollars from the family's working capital.

To see the cost of your snack foods - from both a monetary and health standpoint - check out the Money Calorie Counter at:


While you may not have the same snacks each day, the charts illustrate the impact of your spending on both the bottom line and your waist line over short- and long-term time horizons.

Happy Surfing From Your Friends at FullNet!

Roger Baresel

All I want for Christmas is FTD!

Fax to the desktop is a blossoming technology that can bring joy to the house long after the poinsettias have faded. How does it work? In a roasted chestnut shell - You are given a local phone number that is a fax number (even if you don't have a phone line). When a fax machine dials that number and sends a fax to you it is converted to a .pdf file and is sent to your e-mail address. In short, you have a fax number that gives you the faxed material in e-mail - no need for additional phone lines, fax machines or anything but an e-mail.

This service has been available to businesses and now to the general public with a set up fee of $25 and a monthly fee of about $28 per month for 250 pages of fax and 10 cents per page after that. If you already have a dial up internet account the monthly fee is only $3 per month!

What could be cooler than saying "just fax it over to me."? Or adding a fax number to you list of contacts methods? Getting it as a gift and not paying a set up or monthly charge ... that would be way cooler!

FullNet wants to let you give a gift that lasts well into next year. From now until January 15, 2008 if an existing Fullnet customer refers a person to sign up for a new dial up internet access all they have to do is mention the Christmas special and a Fax To Desktop account will be included free for 6 months!

The set up fee is waived and the monthly fee is waived for 6 months. The recipient will receive their very own private phone number for faxes and be able to receive 100 pages of faxed material per month with a 10 cents per page rate after that.

Not enough? Alright ... it is Christmas after all. The existing customer who gives the gift or refers the new person will get the same Fax To Desktop gift on top of one free month internet service for the referral.

Want to know more? Call us any time day or night toll free at 877-385-5832. We are always here for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week but now we are also helping you give a gift that won't be forgotten before the New Year and will definitely be unique!

Happy surfing and faxing!

& Merry Christmas from...

John A. Secondi
FullNet Customer Service Manager

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