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October News
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ISO What?

Last month I introduced you to Knoppix

This month I asked my son to report to you about how he found a program to burn the necessary CD to make Knoppix work.

I recently had my computer crash due to a heat problem. My father informed me of a tremendous program (Knoppix) that would allow me to obtain my pictures and other important items off my hard drive. Knoppix requires you to burn the program as an image or an ISO. For many of us less educated users this is considered a boot disc. The CD MUST be burned as an ISO or your computer will not be able to boot from it. Now most burning software will be able to burn an image (ISO) but if you don't know how to burn it properly it can be quite frustrating. So let me help.

I found two FREE programs that make it quite easy to burn an image. DEEP BURN is the first I'll talk about. This is a great program that offers a FREE version and a version you can buy. Both will allow you to burn an image (ISO) disc. DEEP BURN worked great for me when I used it to burn Knoppix. Due to the fact that I still had problems with my computer I decided to use a different burn program just to be sure it was my computer not the disc.


After I Googled the process of image (ISO) burning I found that verifying an image (ISO) disc will assure that the disc was created properly. That is when I found many recommendations of a burning program called IMGBURN. This program has an optional feature that will verify that your disc is a bootable disc. Although both of these programs worked wonderfully for me, IMGBURN gives that extra peace of mind that whatever problem you run into, it is not the disc!

Michael Kilkenny
Guest Writer

Timothy J. Kilkenny
Founder & CEO

RepairPal - Talk to Your Mechanic With Confidence!

Until recently, only a professional mechanic knew how much it actually cost to replace the fuel injector on a '95 Toyota Previa. Thanks to RepairPal that kind of info is now open to everyone.

Punch in the make/model/year/mileage of your car, the necessary repair, and your ZIP code, and RepairPal will tell you how much you should expect to pay and where you can get the work done. The site also lets you rate your mechanic afterward.

RepairPal was founded in 2007 by a group of automobile enthusiasts and entrepreneurs who were frustrated by the expensive and tedious process of fixing and maintaining their vehicles. They created RepairPal to provide drivers with the most accurate, unbiased, and useful car ownership information available.

Happy Surfing From Your Friends at FullNet!

Roger Baresel

Meebo Me!

Everyone has instant messaging these days. Which one should you use though? If you have some friends on Yahoo, then others using AIM or MSN do you download them all? And have you ever tried downloading the new Yahoo? It always seems to take several tries and is frustrating.

Meet Meebo: it's a web page that allows you to use all the popular IM environments from one easy to use spot. It is great when you are on a dial up and don't want to try to download all the IMs out there. Check it out and see for yourself.

At meebo.com millions of people already keep in touch with friends on any IM network (AIM, Yahoo!, MSN, Google Talk and Gmail, ICQ and Jabber) and chat with people in Meebo Rooms. Meebo also enables live communication integrated into any website with Meebo Rooms, Meebo Community IM (coming soon!), and Meebo Me. Meebo is the Web's live communication spot - instant messaging from absolutely anywhere, no downloads or installs to frustrate you and best of all... its free!

John Secondi
FullNet Customer Service Manager

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