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February News
Today is:

A Card Trick that isn't magic but it is very useful.

So Christmas is over and you have a chance to catch your breath while reviewing the Gift Cards you received. Here is one for Outback Steak House but your wife really loves Red Lobster. What do you do? You go to one of the following sites.

Launched in 2003 by MJ and Mike Kelly with the idea that consumers wanted options for their unwanted gift cards, Swapagift.com became the leading Internet site for selling and buying discounted gift cards. Our customers quickly recognized the value of our site and the demand for our gift cards skyrocketed.


Monster Gift Card makes it easy to buy discounted gift cards, sell unwanted and unused gift cards for cash, or swap them online for gift cards you really want. No other gift card program or service affords you this much freedom and anonymity. Furthermore, Monster Gift Card guarantees all transactions!


Plastic Jungle is the leading Web site for gift card exchanges -- whether you want to buy gift cards at substantial savings, sell them for cash, or trade pre-owned gift cards with others, www.plasticjungle.com offers the simplest and safest way to get what you want.

With lots of features, including My Wallet, to keep track of gift cards and instant alerts via text or email, Plastic Jungle guarantees every transaction. Plastic Jungle is the best place to buy, sell and trade gift cards. Plastic Jungle offers unsurpassed security features with the only transaction guarantee in the industry.


Let's go shopping where want to go.

Timothy J. Kilkenny
Founder & CEO

Help is Closer Than You Think!

So that shiny new high tech toy you got for Christmas has gone on the fritz and the tech support help lines are jammed? Fear not, here are some tips on how you can troubleshoot your tech toy and get it up and running in no time.

If your tech gadget is not working, first thing to do is Google the problem at google.com. Seriously. Type in what the issue is. (Example; PC screen is blank, camera not connected, Internet doesn't connect) Nine out of 10 times you'll get links to tips that will solve the exact problem.

Next, visit the Driver guide at driverguide.com. I'm not talking about vehicle drivers, but computer driver files, those important little applications that keep our hardware -- such as video cards, modems, printers and the like -- running well.

These little applications are regularly upgraded and updated and making sure you have the latest version of the driver or control program for your PC gizmos is important for trouble-free operation.

Then hit the forums. Like PC Mech at pcmech.com, a huge forum loaded with technical expertise. For Mac users, try the forums at Mac Rumors macrumors.com. Solid, reliable advice from experts and consumers who've been where you are and can help.

Finally, check out the Fixya web site at fixya.com, it provides free tech support and help for gadgets, electronic equipment and consumer products, including appliances and even automobiles. Use the search box.

Happy Surfing From Your Friends at FullNet!

Roger Baresel

It's All Geek to Me

While country life has many advantages, those of us that enjoy it do share a frustration of technological limitations-mainly we are lucky to even have phone lines and use that for our dial up connection to the internet more than half the time.

Your farm or rural location has no DSL. There is no high speed cable in your area. You looked at satellite and infrared transmitter options, but you don't want to spend thousands of extra dollars each year for fancy technology that only works slightly better.

You hear about an option for "High Speed" dial up and look into that only to have someone on the other side of the world rattle on about how you have a 56 kilobits-per-second modem, which really only gets you about 40kbps actual speed. For an extra fee there are options of "3G" this and "Generation 6" that - where you won't get the same 3 megabits-per-second speed of the city folk, but you can get up to 300 kilobits-per-second regularly with certain acceleration packages depending on a combination of "compression" and "proxy" technologies. Yuck! All gibberish and you are still frustrated.

Well put away your geek dictionaries and don't worry about if bits are smaller than bytes or whether uploads or downloads are scattering packets or pixels all over your motherboard. We are right here in Oklahoma with you and already have solutions in place at no additional charge and no need for classes in foreign languages.

For some time we have had FullSpeed available to you free of charge at http://www.fullnet.net/fullspeed/download . You don't have to know all the techno jargon to know that it compresses graphics so that it can send you more stuff at a time and unpack it when it gets to you. That speeds things up about 5 times faster than dial up alone.

We added Now!Imaging to that to make it even better and faster. In a nutshell it combines the compression with sending only a pretty good image at first and then making it better the longer you look at it. Now you can have web pages loading up to 19 times faster than dial up alone-and you don't have to know anything about computers, the internet or what in the world your techno nephew is talking about!

John Secondi
FullNet Customer Service Manager

P.S. If you want to trump your local techno-geek in conversation just tell him: "NOW!Imaging further enhances Internet browsing experiences, enabling subscribers to view higher resolution images and increasingly image-rich pages faster. Image compression techniques combined with newly developed concurrent object delivery renders all image data on Web pages simultaneously. As a result, fully usable Web pages appear almost immediately, while the images on the page then quickly and progressively reach maximum quality as users view the page.

Web pages are made up of multiple elements such as text, graphics (GIF, JPEG, PNG), scripts, CSS, Macromedia Flash. and others. The method of downloading Web pages using traditional HTTP includes initiating an HTTP connection and then sending an HTTP request for each object individually and sequentially; the next request is sent only after the previous request is completely received. This is particularly problematic for high latency and low bandwidth networks resulting in significant delays.

Concurrent Object Delivery addresses this challenge by sending multiple HTTP requests concurrently. This results in improved page download times and a faster experience for nearly all users. Average Web pages load up to 19 times faster than over a non-accelerated dial connection (and even faster for image-rich pages!)."

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