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September News
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You cannot eat (use) just one!

Years ago there was a commercial for Lays Potato Chips that said, "You can't eat just one." Today that same truism should be applied to the use of a virus or spy ware scanning software. Recently in a discussion with Michael Tomas our VP of Technology he told me he uses at least 3 free ware scanners when he is suspicious that he might have a virus. Below are three of his recommendations and one of mine.

Malwarebytes products have a proven record of protecting computers by completely removing all forms of malware, including viruses, Trojans, spyware, adware and rootkits. When it comes to the safety of your computer, Malwarebytes provides the ultimate in protection from the cutting edge of technology!


Spybot - Search & Destroy detects and removes spyware, a relatively new kind of threat not yet covered by common anti-virus applications. Spyware silently tracks your surfing behavior to create a marketing profile for you that is transmitted without your knowledge to the compilers and sold to advertising companies. If you see new toolbars in your Internet Explorer that you haven't intentionally installed, if your browser crashes inexplicably, or if your home page has been "hijacked" (or changed without your knowledge), your computer is most probably infected with spyware. Even if you don't see the symptoms, your computer may be infected, because more and more spyware is emerging. Spybot-S&D is free, so there's no harm giving it a try to see if something has invaded your computer. http://www.safer-networking.org/en/index.html

Microsoft Security Essentials provides real-time protection for your home or small business PC that guards against viruses, spyware, and other malicious software. Microsoft Security Essentials is a free* download from Microsoft that is simple to install, easy to use, and is automatically updated to protect your PC with the latest technology. Microsoft Security Essentials runs quietly and efficiently in the background so that you are free to use your Windows-based PC the way you want.without interruptions or long computer wait times.


Super Anti spyware

Detect and Remove Spyware, Adware and Remove Malware, Trojans, Dialers, Worms, KeyLoggers, HiJackers, Parasites, Rootkits, Rogue Security Products and many other types of threats. Light on System Resources and designed not to slow down your computer like many other anti-spyware products. Designed not to conflict with your existing anti-spyware or anti-virus solution!

Repair broken Internet Connections, Desktops, Registry Editing and more with our unique Repair System!

Real-Time Blocking of threats! Prevent potentially harmful software from installing or re-installing!

First Chance Prevention examines over 50 critical points of your system each time your system starts up and shuts down to eliminate threats before they have a chance to infect and infiltrate your system.

Schedule either Quick, Complete or Custom Scans Daily or Weekly to ensure your computer is free from harmful software. Remove spyware automatically.

Schedule either Quick, Complete or Custom Scans Daily or Weekly to ensure your computer is free from harmful software. Remove spyware automatically.


Let's surf safely out there!

Timothy J. Kilkenny
Founder & CEO

Have You Ever Wanted to Organize Meals for a Friend after a Birth, Surgery or Illness?

MealTrain.com at www.mealtrain.com is a free solution that simplifies the organization of giving and receiving meals. By allowing the giving party to take into account the recipient.s preferred meal times, food preferences, and available days, the site helps ensure that the recipient gets the meals they enjoy on the days that are most helpful.

This site helps you mobilize friends and family to bring meals to anyone in need. Its goal is to simplify the process, and enhance all users. experience so friends can support friends with meals after significant life events.

MealTrain.com simplifies the process of organizing meal giving around significant life events. Not only does a meal from a friend, neighbor, congregation member, or co-worker help nourish, it also helps reduce the burden of planning and preparing the meal for the individual and often, for the entire family. While these meals are directly beneficial to the recipient, the power of mealTrain.com is its ability to foster giving and create stronger community support networks.

Happy Surfing From Your Friends at FullNet!

Roger Baresel


Remember back in school - during 'Fire Prevention Week' the teacher taught you to go home and make an evacuation plan in case of a fire. We went home and forced our family to take it as seriously as we did... made a plan (or at least picked a spot to meet once we got out of the house)... and felt as if we had accomplished something. And that is usually as far as it ever went.

Well, September is National Preparedness Month and you can read more about it at http://www.ready.gov where they urge you to prepare, plan and stay informed. It's an excellent idea considering we've had quite a time in recent years across the great state of Oklahoma. Severe ice storms, unusual floods, history making droughts, tornados, out of control wild fires... even a few minor earth quakes. (I can say 'minor' because the ground did not shake where I was standing).

Ask yourself just how prepared you and your family are for any disaster or emergency. Are there designated places to go? Who calls who? What will you need and do you have it already prepared? These are just a few things that you can have all mapped out in advance by going to http://www.sosdisasterplan.com and have your family prepared for virtually anything... and better than most businesses and professionals!

SOS Disaster Plan gives you all the tools you need to have your family ready for any conceivable emergency they might face in your area.

You can go to the sight for a wealth of ideas or you can go to get a subscription which will create individual personal disaster preparedness plans that are tailor made for you and your family. These comprehensive plans are very specific to you, your family, your home and your personal needs and preferences. You can edit these plans as your situation changes. They include:

  • Detailed information about the disasters that are likely to occur at your specific location.
  • Disaster checklist for each disaster that you can use during an emergency. Eliminates life altering mistakes in a time of stress.
  • Recommendations that are based on your specific situation.
  • Links to your State's Emergency Management sites.

The site provides disaster planning tools:

  • Create an Emergency Action Plan for your family.
  • Generate Emergency Cards for your family.
  • Guidelines and tool for creating your Evacuation Routes.
  • Tool for creating your Building Evacuation Routes.
  • Fire Prevention information and editable checklist that saves lives.
  • Building Evacuation Drills to keep your family safe.

Comprehensive shopping and inventory lists that are based on your family's size, ages and special needs:

  • Home medical supplies.
  • Hygiene supplies.
  • Evacuation supplies.
  • Water needs.
  • Emergency automotive supplies.
  • Personal survival packs.
  • Tools, hardware, kitchen supplies and more.
  • Fuel needs and storage.

The SOSDisasterPlan Pantry is a unique menu planning and food storage tool.

  • Ensure that you have everything that you need.
  • onvert your favorite recipes to non-perishable ingredients.
  • Shopping and inventory lists of your food storage items.
Access to a Disaster Tracking Center so that you can make life saving decisions based on up-to-date, current information about the disasters that are unfolding near you and around the World.
  • Disaster alerts.
  • Storm tracking.
  • Terror watches and alerts.
  • Severe weather warnings.
  • Tsunami warnings.
  • Pandemic activity and warnings.
  • Wildfire warnings.
  • Volcanic activity.
  • Solar activity.

In any case - go there and give it a try. Being prepared, truly prepared, beats waiting until the lights go out to look for the flash lights or hope your loved ones know where to check, where to go and how to be safe! The Initial set-up charge starts as low as $24.95 with a $4.95 monthly maintenance - and they are running off specials during September.

John Secondi
FullNet Customer Service Manager

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