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December News
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Amazon Not Just a River in South America

Amazon used to mean a river in South America or a very large in shape woman warrior but now it also means wireless. I recently decided to follow most of the technicians in my office and go to Sprint for their unlimited data and texting plan.

First, I went to the local company owned Sprint store and found that the phone I wanted was going to cost me $199.00 x 2 because I was shopping for my wife as well. (We decided a while ago to get the same phones so we could teach each other as we discovered new things about our phones)

Second, I called the independently owned Sprint store and they wanted to charge me the same $199.00 per phone.

Third, I went to old reliable www.wirefly.com where I have purchased my phones for the past 4 years. They wanted $149.00 for the phone which was better but not great.

Lastly, after Googling the phone I noticed that Amazon.com has a wireless branch. http://wireless.amazon.com They only wanted $99.00 for the phone. I purchased the phone Sunday night and received them in the mail on Wednesday. We activated our phones and are quite happy with our purchase.

Let's be frugal out there!

Timothy J. Kilkenny
Founder & CEO

Protect Your Privacy Online!

Google yourself and you may be shocked by how much personal information pops up.

If you want details like your address and phone number to remain as private as possible, go to UnlistMy.Info at http://unlistmy.info and follow the easy instructions for removing your information from more than 45 major sites, such as AddressSearch.Com and WhitePages.Com.

Happy Surfing From Your Friends at FullNet!

Roger Baresel

EBATES - Get Paid to Shop!

Are you planning to buy something soon? Before you do... consider the option of buying it online through your favorite store.getting the often included discount for doing so.AND getting paid a few dollars cash on top of that. Well, if that interests you then go to http://ebates.com and start saving money while getting paid to do it!

Ebates was founded in 1998 and has become known as the pioneer and champion of internet online cash back/cash return shopping. In a nut shell the concept of the company is . You shop online and get cash commission for your purchases done through the site.

Although it sounds too good to be true, it really is a simple proven formula. Keep in mind that most online sites that get you to purchase through them receive a commission. But they keep it for themselves as pure profit. Ebates has just decided to ask you to go through them and they will share!

A commission percentage is given to Ebates in the form of cash whenever you make a purchase from a participating store. The 1000+ stores pay out different commission percentages based on their offering and what they can realistically pay out. Instead of keeping all of the commission moneys from the various stores, Ebates shares a portion of them with you in the form of a give back (2-26% of the item's purchase price).

You are still shopping at the store you chose (Lowes, Home Depot etc.) and buying the same item you had already intended to purchase, but now you get paid to do it. Ebates is free to join and there is no monthly or yearly fee to participate. Your cash back check is paid quarterly (4 times per year) which can be paid via check (US Mail) or it can be easily transferred into your online PayPal account. Most people seem to prefer the coined .Big Fat Check. in the mail. There is also an option to have the money sent to your favorite charity. Also, there are no cumbersome rebate forms you need to complete to receive your cash savings. Again, all options are 100% free.

It's all free and you get paid to do the shopping you were already going to do!

Happy Shopping Everyone!

John Secondi
FullNet Customer Service Manager

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