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FullNet Support:
FTP with Internet Explorer

While it is often useful to use an FTP client in order to manage the files within your personal web site, for smaller changes Internet Explorer will suffice.

To connect with Internet Explorer, you must use a different URI than is used when opening web pages. For example, to login to members.fullnet.net as the user username, you would attempt to visit: ftp://username@members.fullnet.net in Internet Explorer.


Internet Explorer will attempt to connect to your members' page with no password. This, of course, will fail; fortunately, you are then prompted to enter your password.

Enter your password

Once you are connected, you can drag any file into this Internet Explorer window to upload it directly to your personal web site. If you're just starting, try uploading a file called index.html; this will be the default file that opens in your personal web page.

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