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Mac OSX:
PPP Configuration

This document explains how to configure your Mac OSX computer to dial in to FullNet.

  1. From the Apple Menu, select System Preferences.
  2. From the View menu, select Network
  3. From the Show pop-up menu (may be labeled "Configure"), select Internal Modem
  4. Click the PPP tab. In the boxes below, type in the following information:
    • Service Provider: FullNet
    • Account Name: Your FullNet user name
    • Password: Your FullNet account password
    • Telephone Number: The local FullNet dial-up number for your city

    If you want the users of this computer to use the same connection method, select the checkbox for Save Password.

  5. Click the TCP/IP tab. From the Configure: pop-up menu, select Using PPP.
  6. Click Apply Now.
  7. In the Applications folder on your hard drive, open Internet Connect.
  8. Make sure in the Configuration menu, Internal Modem is selected.
  9. At this point, your computer should be set up to connect to the Internet.
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